Talking ‘Hilarity For Charity U’ With Seth Rogen

  by mtvU.

Comedian and actor Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller created Hilarity For Charity, a movement using the power of laughter to bring attention to Alzheimer’s disease. They are now announcing a nationwide collegiate program, HFC U, where college students can get involved by raising funds and awareness. The campus that raises the most funds will get to hang out with Seth during an advanced screening of his latest film, “Neighbors.” We got to chat with Seth about it all, and here’s what he had to say.

Photo courtesy Hilarity For Charity

Photo courtesy Hilarity For Charity

mtvU: Tell us about Hilarity For Charity and how you are getting colleges and students involved.

Seth Rogen: Me and my wife and some friends realized we weren’t really contributing that much positive to the world in a tangible way [laughs], so we decided to start a charity to benefit Alzheimer’s, which my mother-in-law unfortunately has. But really one of our main intentions was to just get young people excited about charity in some way, shape or form. What we found is that doing what we know [is] what got us inspired: a comedy show that benefited our charity. And it was really fun and exciting and people really loved the event. We got amazing musical acts and it turned into this thing that was not only awesome to attend and kind of fun to organize, but it was for a really good cause.

Then we got the idea that maybe we could directly engage young people more by challenging them to put on their own event. So we created HFC U, which is a program where colleges can put on their own charity events benefiting Hilarity For Charity and we’ll have different incentives for the different rounds. This time it’s whoever raises the most money for the middle of April, I will go to that school and do a screening of my movie “Neighbors,” I’ll do a Q+A and I’ll do a meet and greet and hangout with the team that organized the event.

Seth Rogen & Mindy Kaling

Seth Rogen & Mindy Kaling, Photo courtesy Hilarity For Charity

mtvU: That sounds like a really great idea, raising money and awareness, while putting on a really cool and fun event.

Seth: I think that’s the cool thing about it, it could be any event that interests the kids specifically. If the kids are into rap they can put on a rap show, you know? If they play water polo they can put on a charity water polo tournament. It can totally be based around whatever your interests and passions are, which I think is what literally made me be able to get involved in charities, too!

Photo courtesy Hilarity For Charity

Seth Rogen & Samuel L. Jackson, Photo courtesy Hilarity For Charity

mtvU: You mentioned in April that you’re going to be doing the advanced screening of “Neighbors” for the winning university. Can you tell us a little bit about the film and what we can expect?

Seth: I play a new father who’s married to Rose Byrne from “Bridesmaids,” and we just bought our first house and we’re kind of struggling with the fact that we can’t party as much as we like, and we have a baby. Then a fraternity house moves in right next door to us that’s lead by Zac Efron and Dave Franco, and at first we think maybe we can hang out with them. We slowly realize it’s not in the cards, and we kind of go to war with each other, because we cannot co-exist…

mtvU: The trailer is hysterical. We can’t wait to check it out! Alright, are you ready to take our Pop Quiz?

Seth: Yes!

mtvU: Who is the number one teacher in your life?

Seth: Uh probably Judd Apatow, he’s a movie director and writer, and he really gave me my first jobs and really went out of his way to teach me how to write and produce movies, basically.

mtvU: Who’s on rotation on your iPod?

Seth: Oh man lots of stuff. I’ve been listening to a lot of that Kendrick Lamar album, I still can’t stop playing it. I like Odd Future a lot, Ab-Soul, Chance The Rapper I can’t stop listening to. I like that A$AP Rocky album, I listen to that a lot. Action Bronson, though, Action Bronson is my new obsession.

mtvU: After your disastrous experience with your neighbors in the film, who would be your ideal neighbors in real life?

Seth: My ideal neighbor… In the movie I joke about it, and its true, I would either want The Rock to move in next door or Taco Bell to open next door. Those are my two ideal neighbors, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Taco Bell.

mtvU: Say you’re stuck on an island with one of your cast mates from “Neighbors,” whether it’s Zac Efron or Rose Byrne or Dave Franco, who would you pick and why?

Seth: Mmm toughie. Rose is nice, but I love those Francos, so I think I would go with Dave [laughs]. Soft spot for Francos in my life!

mtvU: what is your least favorite cafeteria food?

Seth: Oh man, I never liked meatloaf. That was one thing that always kind of appalled me.

mtvU: What’s your favorite?

Seth: Oh man, hash browns.

mtvU: You can still go to McDonald’s and get those, right?

Seth: I know, but the cafeteria at my high school sold McDonald’s-style hash browns.

Photo Courtesy Hilarity For Charity

Seth Rogen & Backstreet Boys, Photo Courtesy Hilarity For Charity

mtvU: Oh so good. Okay, so tell us the website where students can find out all the info for HFC U?

Seth: All the instructions for organizing the event and all the guidelines and tips and different ideas for events are on our website, Hilarity For Charity. If you sign up you will literally get a package that spells out how to put on different events.

For a more in depth look at Hilarity For Charity and their fight against Alzheimer’s check out Seth’s interview over at MTV Act.