Quinnterviews: On The Prowl For Dancing Glory

  by Quinn Marcus.

It would be so funny if I was a really good dancer. I’ll just pay very close attention and learn the moves and then wow everybody. That will be funny.

The Emerson Dance Company was having auditions for their fall show. My mom was in town that weekend helping me move into my apartment and decided she needed to come see me film a “Quinnterview.” When we entered the dance studios, my photo was taken and I got my audition number. I was ready to dance. My mom sat on the side, telling everyone I was her daughter.

Before the audition, there was a warm up session where all the dancers (for the first time ever, I am included in that word) loosened up. We were going to be taught one hip hop routine step by step and then by the end of the hour, we were to perform it in groups and the choreographers would write down which numbers they wanted to cast in their show. Even though we were just filming for “Quinnterviews” and I wasn’t seriously auditioning, I couldn’t help but think how cool it will be when they actually wanted me in their dance.

What followed was an hour of the fastest talking and moving I have ever seen in my life. I have never felt more lost and confused. Any thought I had at the beginning of the day of actually being a good dancer, was gone in the first five minutes of the audition. It was less me auditioning and more me… standing. There was plenty of dancing going on around me. Literally around me. You could get “extra credit” in the audition. And it turns out “extra credit” is just shaking your booty when you have a spare moment. I never got any extra credit and my mom stopped telling people I was her daughter.

Well, I didn’t make the dance team. I know, I know. It’s shocking. I still receive emails saying where practices are held each week, though. So one day I’ll show up and surprise them all with my mind-blowing new moves. My mom will be so proud.

Outtake: Prepping for Dance Company Audition

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