Keri Russell On Dark Skies & Being Justin Bieber’s Mom

  by Quinn Marcus.

Number 1 goal for my next press junket: Eat More.They have breakfast and lunch buffets at these things. But because this was my first junket, I was too nervous to eat. Maybe that’s why Hollywood is so skinny. They’re just so nervous all the time. I completely skipped the breakfast buffet. And when the lunch one came out I had some of the best chicken parmesan of my life. Hollywood is missing out. They have the best food, but they aren’t eating it. And I hate to admit that for that one day, I didn’t appreciate it either. But at my next Press Junket, I will not stop at the chicken parm. Also, my number 2 goal will be to use the bathroom more. I have never been in a more glorious bathroom. I would get married in the press junket bathroom. And I’d marry the chicken parmesan.