Quinn’s Bumping Cars With Ne-Yo

  by Quinn Marcus.

My goal was to give away tickets to ride Bumper cars with Ne-Yo in exchange for donations to The United Way for Hurricane Sandy relief. It was supposed to be a fun, stress free day at Six Flags Great Adventure helping people. But something happened to me once i was given the tickets to hand out. I lost all social graces and turned ruthless. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I wouldn’t even take ten dollars for an answer. I started asking children to harass their parents for more money. I started calling adults out for having more money in their wallet than they were offering. I lost sight of the meaning of “Donations.” But, I raised $422 in 45 minutes and gained a new job qualification: Auctioneer.

Outtakes: Quinn Gets Dance & Voice Lessons From Ne-Yo.