Quinn Talks With The Cast Of ‘The Heart, She Holler’

  by Quinn Marcus.

On the set of The Heart, She Holler, I learned a television secret: Even though it’s TV, not everything is fake. For one thing, most things about the sheriff are real. Well, he isn’t actually a sheriff; he’s an actor named Joe Sikora. And his mustache seemed fake, but everything else about him is real. For example, his gun is real. It doesn’t have any bullets in it and it’s very old, but IT IS REAL. At first, I thought he was lying when he told me that, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t… Well, I’m not 100% sure, because saying it now seems silly. But he definitely said something about it maybe being a real gun. Another thing about him that’s real is his walkie talkie. At first, I thought to myself, “This is definitely a prop. There’s no way this works.” But I was wrong. It’s real, so real in fact that we ordered chicken fingers from craft services over the walkie talkie. No chicken fingers were ever brought to us, but Joe told me the walkie talkie was linked to craft services and I definitely said “Chicken Fingers” into the mouth piece. Now I’m realizing I didn’t learn anything about television. All I learned was that Joe the Sheriff played a lot of pranks on me.