Quinn Learns Some New Moves & Feels Up Elizabeth Berkley

  by Quinn Marcus.

Most of the time when I watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’, I think there is no way these people are this happy and excited in real life. It must be an act they put on for the show. Well ladies and gentlemen, I was wrong. After the live taping of the show, I interviewed all the dance partners and I kid you not, they were just as lively and hyped up as they were on the show. They had just danced for an hour and all I did was watch the show and eat In N Out and they had way more energy than me. Christina Milian created a “Quinnterviews Dance”, Elizabeth Berkley and her dance partner showed me their pecks… all four of them, and Snooki wanted her partner and me to all get a hotel room. I didn’t have enough energy to keep up with the Dancing with the Stars scene. No wonder Betty White and I got along so well.