Hitting The Clubs For Romance

  by Quinn Marcus.

This was the first Quinnterview shoot at night. I drank coffee at midnight and set out to interview people about Nightlife in Boston and how I can get in on it. The first sign that this was going to be a weird shoot should have been when we got kicked out of a club (that we were asked to enter) by a gigantic, screaming bouncer. But, I didn’t fully realize what we had gotten ourselves into until a woman licked the camera and grabbed my camera man where she shouldn’t.

What I found out on this shoot is that people at night are different. They forget what it’s like to be a real human being and they can only think about one thing: hooking up. And they aren’t afraid to tell you how much they want it. Women and men know that when they go out with their friends, it doesn’t mean they are going home with them. After interviewing people about hooking up, you start to think that they are interested in hooking up with you. When they start saying things like, “I’m going home with somebody tonight” and “What’s your name?” You start thinking, “Maybe I’m who they want to go home with?” But alas, it’s the end of the night and just like every night, it’s you and your camera man eating a slice of pizza on the curb next to the girl who is throwing up.

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