College Comedy Groups Bringing The Funny

  by mtvU.

We reached out to college comics and comedy groups all last semester to see who is bringing the funny on campus these days and below is three of our favorites. More funny coming soon on College Quickies.

Icebreakers by Chess Club Comedy from NYU

Did your freshmen orientation include awkwardly explicit descriptions of your favorite sex positions, your dark past and an obsession with Mets star David Wright?! Probably not! Check out this ridiculously funny sketch from NYU alumni comedy troupe, Chess Club Comedy!

S*** Frat Guys Say by The Wait List from UCLA

Here is The Wait List’s unique entry into the S*** People Say meme. It’s a tender story of one frat boys ascension to adulthood.

Film Kiss another one from NYU’s Chess Club Comedy

“More tongue!” Sometimes in movies, people have to kiss each other. But how do directors make those kisses look REAL? “Film Kiss” stars Danny Jolles, Anna Drezen, and Josh Rabinowitz. Chess Club’s sketches have been featured on CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, Comedy Central, and more.