All He Wants Is $4 For Tuition – From 4,000 People

  by mtvU.

All he wants is four dollars—from four-thousand people, so he can go back to college.

By: Shaquille Brewster, Howard University ‘14

Meet 20-year-old Corey Arvinger, an international business major from Greensville, North Carolina who used to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C.

According to Corey, he did everything right. He was an Honor Roll Student in high school, extremely involved in his church, volunteered whenever he could, and earned a scholarship to attend Howard University. At the university, he was active in the DC community, a member of a leadership group that travelled to China, and was on the path to make his mark after being elected the School of Business’ Freshman Class Vice-President— but then money got in the way.

At the end of his third semester at Howard, he was told that he had a $14,000 balance on his account. His financial aid package, which consisted of a combination of scholarships and loans (student and parent), was not going to cover him any longer.

“It was devastating. I knew I had built something there and I didn’t want my work to go to waste,” he explained to me, a fellow classmate, over winter break. “My goal was to graduate from Howard University… the atmosphere on campus is like no other. The opportunities are limitless.”

Not only did his financial troubles halt him from continuing college at Howard, it also prevented him from attending any other school because his transcripts would not be released until the balance was paid.

“Should money stop me from pursuing my dream of becoming a college graduate? Should money stop me from becoming a NBA General Manager? Would you let it stop you?,” Corey asks on the Introduction page of the website he started for his initiative “4 for 14,000.” His initiative is designed to help raise the funds needed to return to Howard in the fall.

And his fundraising website shows he has growing support. About 1294 people have supported his efforts through anonymous donations and other donations ranging from four to 100 dollars. In other words, only one month into his fundraising efforts, and he is just $6500 short of the magic $14,000 figure.

“When the first one came in, I remember who sent it… it was unreal,” Corey reflected. “It was humbling and I was like ‘wow- this can actually work.”

If the comments of the contributors are indicative of his future, he may just reach $14000 by the end of the spring. Jasmine Mitchell who “gave generously” said, “I didn’t have much to give, but I am inspired by your story. You are a blessing to others I’m sure, so I am blessed to be a blessing! God bless.” While another friend who gave $100 dollars said “Here’s Another $100 Man! We Need You Back Corey! Stay Focused And Make This Thing Happen!”

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