Words of the Wise College Television Award Winners

  by Kate Spalla.

Take it from the pros!

Shirlyn Cesar at the 31st College Television AwardsShirlyn Cesar at the 31st College Televison Awards

These College Television Award winners have made it big, but they were once in your shoes as a young college filmmaker. Check out some of their best tips for making it in the industry.

Shirlyn Cesar: “Outstanding Narrative Series” winner at the 31st College Televison Awards

Apply yourself. “Our executive producer always had in mind that she wanted to submit to the CTAs, which was great because it kind of gave us a goal.”

Take opportunities. “Be grateful and appreciative of access… If someone just says, ‘I’m allowing you to sit in the room,’ be happy with that.”

Sophie Schillaci: “Magazine Show” 3rd place at the 31st College Television Awards

Network. “You never know who knows who or who’s going to have an opportunity down the road for you. It never hurts to say hello.”

Write. “People are always more likely to hire you, I think, if you have a strong writing background.”

Julian Higgins: “Best Directing” winner at the 32nd College Television Awards

Tell a good story. “You can have all the money in the world and all the best actors, and if the story is not emotionally compelling, [then] it doesn’t work.”

Prepare. “I’ve laid so much groundwork… I’m always optimistic that at some point, the groundwork I’ve laid will start to pay off.”

One piece of advice all three of these winners would give: apply for the 34th College Television Awards before the deadline on January 29th.