Your Required Listening This Week Courtesy Of 3LAU

  by mtvU.

3LAU is DJ/Producer/Musician Justin Blau, a Washington University finance major who put his studies aside to commit himself full time to his emerging music career. We found his story pretty inspiring so we decided to do a four-part docuseries on him which you can watch here (the final part airs this coming Monday.)

We were wondering what kind of tunes a musician like Justin finds inspiring so we asked him to curate a little playlist for this week’s Required Listening. He had this to say:

Each of these tracks are so unique to me that they are incomparable to anything else out there; each captures a unique emotion in an entirely unprecedented way.

Thanks Justin. Now to the tunes. Just in time for the weekend.

Flying Lotus ‘Tea Left Dancers’

This song is perfect to me in every way. The mix is flawless, and each sonic detail fits delicately in relation to its neighbors. The vibe is dark and soulful, slow but momentous. It’s one of my favorite hip-hop / instrumental track of all time.

Radiohead ‘All I Need’

The last minute of this song, when Thom begins to sing “It’s all wrong, It’s all right” is my favorite minute in music, ever. Cacophonous chaotic noises compliment a droning piano and horns, all of it blends together to the point where it’s hard to determine exactly what’s going on, but the music matches the lyricism unlike any moment in music I’ve personally experienced. The bone chilling feeling this record induces is unlike any feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Every time I listen, that feeling never fades.

Sigur Ros ‘Glosoli’

The most epically musical song of all time, in my humble opinion, next to some of Sigur Ros’s other records that share this particular kind of anthemic and mysterious magical progression. If you have a chance to find the music video on youtube, I think it would more accurately describe the emotion of the track than these words.