You Pick The Video That Gets On Air

  by mtvU.

Anchor & Braille, Arp Attack, Dusted, Jay and Museum Mouth all fight for a spot in rotation on this week’s Freshmen.


Anchor & Braille

“Find Me”

Anchor & Braille formed as a side project for Stephen Christian to record material he was writing that he felt was too personal for his popular mamma band Anberlin. The group is now on their 2nd LP The Quiet Life and have a significant fanbase following their evolving sound. This video for “Find Me” starts out with some shots of a vintage ribbon mic and never strays from that old school rock sensibilty as the band performs the song in a studio environment surrounded by all their dope gear. It’s also pretty cool that Christian’s hair bears a slight resemblance to Conan O’Brien’s?



Arp Attack

“Devil’s Drop”

Arp Attack combines a unique mix of rock and electro pop enhanced by vocalist Frankie’s electric swoon and impeccable fashion sense. I mean she really looks good in that white t-shirt and those amazing printed tights. Not to mention that flowing dress near the end. Smashing. Oh, And the colors. The colors in this video are tantalizing. There is just a lot of eye & ear candy to go around in this clip so try not to lick your screen. Especially if you’re on mobile. Cell phones are so dirty.




“(Into The) Atmosphere”

Another awesome side project, Dusted is the work of Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt with Leon Taheny on drums. This band is aptly named as this tune really does float around in the ‘atmosphere’ like dust, starting out pretty threadbare and ending up surrounding you in some ethereal cocoon as the textures evolve into a tasty layered melody cake at the end of the song. This is some delectable chill stuff.




“Last Call”

New York born Jay, short for ‘Jason’ has been getting some significant play from his first single “Last Call.” The pillow talk vibe at the start of this song perfectly sets up the lusty adventure that follows as Jay struts his stuff using his flow to court a total fox. In the end Jay totally abandons his wing man at the bar to ride off into the night with his conquest which was inevitable since the hot grooves in this song can only lead to one thing anyways…



Museum Mouth

“Sexy But Not Happy”

The best descriptor I’ve read for North Carolina’s Museum Mouth is apocalypse rock which kind of sums up the band’s exhuberant energy perfectly. Though after watching this video I would amend that title slightly and call it hippy apocalypse rock because with Museum Mouth everyone is going to have fun and no one is going to get hurt.



Obviously we dig all these videos, so we’re relying on you to tell us which one gets on air? Vote and tell us in the comments section below.