Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by mtvU.

Here’s five new bands to ease you into your work week. Canuck rapper Classified presents “That Ain’t Classy,” the first single off of his new album Handshakes And Middle Fingers. If your a hearty Wisconsin native you don’t let a gnarly snowstorm get in the way of filming your video, you embrace it. That’s just what Milwaukee band Maritime did when they filmed their video for “Paraphrenalia” in a real and severe snowstorm this past winter. Meanwhile out of the music hub that is Portland, OR, psych-folk group Morning Teleportation presents their new video for “Expanding Anyway.” Bay-area rapper Roach Gigz presents the video for “Can I Rap” off of his latest mixtape Roachy Balboa 2. Our last band for this week is Oklahoma pop-rockers Stars Go Dim with their new video for “Like I Mean It” the first single off of their forthcoming sophomore album. Tell us which one of these videos we should add into regular rotation?

Classified Maritime Morning Teleportation Roach GigzStars Go Dim


“That Ain’t Classy”





Morning Teleportation

“Expanding Anyway”


Roach Gigz

“Can I Rap”


Stars Go Dim

“Like I Mean It”

Who will it be this week? Vote and tell us in the comments section below.