Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

Duo Molly Shea and Jason Klauber make up Brooklyn-based group Acrylics. Mac Miller is a 19 year old hip-hop artist and you can download his mixtape Best Day Ever for free right now. Make Do and Mend released their debut LP End Measured Mile last year. Marz Lovejoy brings her single “Love Bullet Gun,” from album This Little Light of Mine, to the Freshmen. Orange Avenue is a five-piece American Pop/Rock band from the shores of Daytona Beach, FL.

Acrylics Mac Miller Make Do And Mend Marz LovejoyOrange Avenue


“Night Watch”

The video features an overlay of the ocean and rushing water; matching not only the lyrics, but this group’s soothing tones and ethereal sound.


Mac Miller

“Knock Knock”

This video elevates Miller’s playful tone and confident attitude. And you’ll definitely find the catchy hooks and choruses running through your head long after the song ends.


Make Do And Mend

“Oak Square”

The messiness of the set reflects the style of the band: fast, furious, unconcerned with perfection, and undeniably honest.


Marz Lovejoy

“Love Bullet Gun”

This lady will captivate you not just with her beauty, but her unique voice and honest approach to music.


Orange Avenue

“Just Refrain”

The multiple camera angles, distorted focus, and constantly shifting perspective help to capture this group’s frenetic energy.


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