Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

The EP Meet Eliza Doolittle is a great way to introduce yourself to the London songstress. French Montana is a hip-hop artist from the South Bronx. Originally a trio, Funeral Party formed their band in the midst of Los Angeles post-punk revival. Believe it or not, Neon Hitch is not a moniker; it is this artist’s real name. Toronto-based Small Sins return with their 3rd LP Pot Calls Kettle Black.

Eliza Doolittle French Montana Funeral Party Neon HitchSmall Sins

Eliza Doolittle

“Skinny Genes”

This sexy gal is both alluring and charming in her video. Surrounded by sweet confections and the party crowd, Doolittle’s song represents the epitome of a good time.


French Montana ft. Waka Flock Flame

“Choppa, Choppa Down”

With an aggressive, perhaps even slightly controversial, video, French Montana proves he’s not afraid to tackle difficult topics and imagery. He is an artist who makes a lasting impression.


Funeral Party


These boys present a song and video package that manages to capture the frantic, desperate energy of ending a relationship, the sweetness of reminiscing, and the possibility of starting over all at the same time.


Neon Hitch

“Get Over U”

The perfect anthem for anyone who has suffered from a recent heartbreak; a much-needed boost of courage, power, and optimism.


Small Sins

“Why Don’t You Believe Me”

A sweet ditty that begs for forgiveness with an interesting visual accompaniment, Small Sins leave no doubt in our minds that we’d take them back.


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