Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

Dee-1 has released an independent album David & Goliath and his mixtapes can be downloaded for free on his personal website. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina are finally bringing their European hit “Stereo Love” stateside. NLX’s album Bitch Get Fit is available now. Hip hop artist Slaine is signed to Suburban Noize Records. His newest single “99 Bottles” is a welcome addition to the Freshmen. Valient Thorr recently released their 5th studio album Stranger.

Dee-1 Edward Maya NLX SlaineValient Thorr


“Jay, 50, and Weezy”

This song plays it straight and so does the video. It pulls no punches and therefore needs no frills.


Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina

“Stereo Love”

An ethereal song set in an even more ethereal place. Just like the song reminds us about the possibilities of love, the setting reminds us of how absolutely beautiful life can be occasionally.



“Young Love”

I like how this song has an inherent dichotomy: angry, aggressive lyrics matched with a fairly slow beat. It’s nice to see this reflected in the video, where the singer remains stationary and the unusual action moves around her in a very distinctive way.



“99 Bottles”

Really digging the whole Entourage vibe of this video. You have to admire its unrelenting energy as well. YOU WILL listen to this artist. He certainly makes sure of it.


Valient Thorr

“Double Crossed”

I know it might be strange to say that a rock video has a cute premise, but… the premise is cute RIGHT? A wink towards all the assumed stereotypes of this genre. Ultimately, it’s a smart move. It may catch the eye of those who would not normally listen.


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