Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

Bad City’s new album Welcome to the Wasteland is available now. Red Line Chemistry are excited to bring the single off their new album Dying For a Living to The Freshman. Miami-based hip hop artist Serum has released debut album Brainstorm Troopah this past summer. Patrick Okogwu, better known as Tinie Tempah, hails from London. His album Disc-Overy is slated for March 2011. The Fool is the debut album of indie group Warpaint.

Bad City Red Line Chemistry Serum Tinie TempahWarpaint

Bad City

“Take Me For A Ride”

This video is all about allowing the viewer to live vicariously; through several fantasies at once, as a matter of fact.


Red Line Chemistry

“Dumb Luck”

The tension in this video, the prolonged shots of the execution and the thrill of the chase, really amp up the intensity of the song.



“Brainstorm Troopah”

The frantic camera movements of this video really highlight the urgency and passion with which the artist feels the message. Its dark and dreary, but its energy holds your attention. Serum won’t let you look away.


Tinie Tempah

“Pass Out”

This artist is fast-paced and furious; filled with ambition and style.




I love the nostalgic-warmth of this video. And the hazy, soft light is so reminiscent of the group’s sound. Makes you wish summer would roll around a bit sooner, doesn’t it?


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