Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow released their album Autumn, Again just this month. A fitting time. Big Bad 40’s album New World Agenda will be available in February 2011. Christina Perri’s single “Jar of Hearts” first struck a chord with television’s audiences on So You Think You Can Dance. The members of Graffiti6 are none other than producer TommyD and singer/songwriter Jamie Scott. The California quartet LiLA is signed to Cartel Records. Their self-titled debut is available now.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow Big Bad 40 Christina Perri Graffiti6 LiLA

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

“So Bloody, So Tight”

This video is so visually creative! It’s a delight to watch. There is a very joyous element that coincides so well with the crescendos in the song. You can picture yourself in an audience, watching this band live, and just dancing wildly.


Big Bad 40

“One Day At A Time”

This song has an enthusiastic beat and the artist’s performance in the video clearly shows that the passion is genuine. Definitely need to keep an eye out for this album in the upcoming year.


Christina Perri

“Jar Of Hearts”

This song manages to be both angry and soulful at the same time, which is a delicate balance that not many artists can pull off. Perri does it quite nicely by showcasing her anger in the video, but also highlighting the strength and power that can be found in this emotion with the dancers in the background.



“Stare Into The Sun”

I’m a huge fan of sad songs that sound cheerful and that description fits this song perfectly. The video can’t hide the exuberance of this sound, it just tries to keep up with bright, colorful backgrounds; occasionally matching up to the lyrics amongst a midst of nonsensical scenarios. It’s very well done.



“Million Stars”

This video is very Armageddon inspired, no? The production quality is excellent, the light in particular is incredibly beautiful, and I think the storyline adds a heightened sense of drama to the lyrics.


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