Pick Your Favorite Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

New Zealand artist Brooke Fraser released her third studio album Flags just this month. Freelance Whales were known about NYC for their impromptu subway performances. Their debut album Weathervanes is available on Frenchkiss. A quartet from Texas, Ivoryline’s sophomore album Vessels is currently available. Militant Military consists of five members: Soljah, Ms. Williams, Militia, State and A.M.P. Conor J. O’Brien plays as Villagers with debut album Becoming a Jackal out now.

Brooke Fraser Freelance Whales Ivoryline Militant MilitaryVillagers

Brook Fraser

“Something In The Water”

I love the vintage-feel of this video. Fraser’s voice has a rich quality to it that adds to the sincerity of her message. She’s not a bubblegum pop-star. She’s mature and so the sentiment shines true. I enjoyed watching her. I almost wish that the video didn’t cut away to the segments with the little animated matryoshka doll…as cute as they were.


Freelance Whales


What an odd video. And I mean that as a compliment. The sets even remind me a little of Beetlejuice. Did that come to mind for anyone else? Essentially this is a song about admiration from a distance; almost worshipful reverence to the mundane details of another person. So it makes sense that the subjects in the video can only see a clear picture of one another under very specific circumstances. It was very interesting to watch this concept unfold.




I love the various environments of this video. First the band on the cloudy beach and then the Edgar Allen Poe-esque raven room. It also looks like these boys have been reading up on their Greek mythology and got a little inspired by Icarus. Luckily, their ending turns out much better.


Militant Military

“Ms. Alldawaylive”

This song has a playful, back & forth kind of attitude to it, which makes it a fun listen. You can definitely tell this group is enthusiastic about their work and love to make music.



“That Day”

I think this is a heartfelt, genuine song. I like O’Brien’s voice and while the video is simple, it’s direct. It lets the lyrics shine through. This is very nicely done.


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