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  by slorocco.

Bo Burnham’s latest album Words Words Words releases this week. House of Heroes released their fourth studio album, Suburba, this past summer. Middle Class Rut is duo Zack Lopez and Sean Stolkham, who have a new LP No Name No Color. Rock group Midnight Spin have played alongside classic legends Guns N’ Roses and are promoting their EP Through the Mojo Wire. The four members of The Five One define themselves by the colors they wear: Red, Blue, Green and Gold.

Bo Burnham House Of Heroes Middle Class Rut Midnight SpinThe Five One

Bo Burnham

“Words, Words, Words”

I found Bo Burnham to be quite surprising. While I don’t agree with all of this artist’s political statements, the video was definitely eye-catching and kept me thoroughly entertained. The laughs carry it a long way as well.


House of Heroes

“God Save The Foolish Kings”

This song has an interesting narrative and I think the video does a great job of building on the storyline; establishing an imaginative visual of the fight and building the intense drama that the characters are feeling.


Middle Class Rut

“New Low”

Did this video remind you of a Clint Eastwood movie? Or the Coens’ No Country For Old Men? I can’t help but think those backdrops served as inspiration for this duo.


Midnight Spin

“In The Air (Revival)”

The video is a clever depiction of conformity, after all. The danger of conformity is that it is manipulative. It sneaks up on you. And the fact that music is eventually used as a means of rebellion… perfect ending in my opinion.


The Five One


I love when artists manage to send a message without getting up on their soapboxes and sounding preachy. This song and video deliver a heartwarming message set against relaxed beats. It was a pleasure to watch. Besides, these boys have quite the fashion challenge going on. Do you think they even wear pajamas in their respective colors? I hope so.


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