Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

Trio Matt Wasley, Rachael Starr, and Joshua Collins form the band Human Life. Miggs is back with new album Wide Awake. Montreal artist NEeMA presents her sophomore album Watching You Think for the Freshmen. SOJA is a reggae group that hails from Arlington, Virginia. We Are In The Crowd is happy to bring work from their album Guaranteed to Disagree to mtvU.
Human LifeMiggsNEeMASOJAWe Are The In Crowd

Human Life

“Wherever We Are”

I want to take every frame of this video and turn it into a Polaroid. It’s so visually stimulating, matching the song’s pulsing electronic beat while taking note of its darker undertones.



“Girls & Boys”

The group really captures those early moments of being a teenager when you’re learning to navigate expectations, dealing with the opinions of others, and attempting to discover who you will become. And all the confusing drama that often ensues.




A sweet song about an attempt to maintain innocence without naivety, reflected in the faces of the children watching this songstress.



“Everything Changes”

I like how the video uses the gritty backdrop of the city to heighten the struggles these artists discuss in the song. However, there is still a note of hope that runs through both.


We Are The In Crowd

“Both Sides Of The Story”

An adorable show-down about the inevitable dangers of social media.


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