Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

Apollo the Great is an East Coast-based hip hop artist. Devil’s Made a New
is Jarrod Gorbel’s debut album as a solo artist. Rob Roy brings his single “Carmencita” to the Freshmen. With a video featuring stars like Miley Cyrus, Rock Mafia is a group to watch. Violens first album, Amoral debuted last fall.

Apollo The Great Jarrod Gorbel Rob Roy Rock MafiaViolens

Apollo The Great

“Call It Quits”

Apollo’s track is both a declaration of talent and a challenge to his fellow artists.


Jarrod Gorbel

“Ten Years Older”

Although this video is undeniable sad, the song’s sweet melody and melancholy lyrics serve as a great reminder: to be grateful for what we have, to enjoy the moment, and not take it for granted.


Rob Roy


I like the slow pace of this song and the video’s strong use of contrasting color. The staggered tempo and the bold visual pack a one-two punch.


Rock Mafia

“The Big Bang”

This video is pure entertainment. Miley Cyrus is showing her sultry side, which perfectly matches the sexiness of the lyrics.



“Violent Sensation Descends”

Given that their album is named Amoral, you would expect Violens to be a band that would stir the pot. They don’t disappoint, mixing religious imagery and a hint of bloody horror with their smooth sound.


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