Wallpaper Wins The Freshmen

  by slorocco.

WallpaperSo… got a little bit heated in the comments section this week, did it not? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Try and be kind to each other folks. No need for extreme feistiness. By all means vote and support your artists. Tell me why you like them so much. I’m actually quite eager to hear your reasons and always enjoy listening to why others dig a certain genre of music. But try and keep this in perspective. Not a life or death situation. Geesh.

With that out of the way, congratulations to Wallpaper for taking this week’s Freshmen win. Their video will be added to on-air rotation. Sandpeople put up quite a fight this week, with Jay Reatard also making a surprising comeback towards the latter half. But it was dancing duo who won out in the end.

Don’t forget to check back in Monday for a new round of Freshmen. In the meantime, have a great weekend and follow me and mtvU on Twitter for musical updates.