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  by slorocco.

Dead Country are a quartet from California, whose self-titled EP is available now. Gilbere Forte just released his albums 87 Dreams last month. HaZiQ aLi is currently working on his upcoming album Business is Good. British DJ Rusko put out debut album O.M.G.! this spring. Yuna is a singer from Malayasia, who released her debut LP Decorate in July.
Dead Country Gilbere ForteHaziq RuskoYuna

Dead Country

“Euro Thrash”

This video doesn’t seem to have much of a premise, but I do like how it has a very textured look and feel to it; the way that the shots switch back and forth between the band, the plain backdrop with the ballerina, the fields, walking through the streets all combine to make the video interesting while using very little. I also like how all the shots zoom in on various objects and eventually pan out to reveal the scene.


Gilbere Forte ft. Raak

“Black Chukkas”

Yep. This is a rap song about a shoe. It’s kind of funny though, right? Makes you smile a bit, doesn’t it? Also clever to have the camera follow the shoes and never waver. I could have done without the bits of text (those could use some cleaning up), but overall I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.


HaZiQ aLi


I kept waiting for a stronger beat to kick in sometime during the course of this song… but it didn’t until the song was almost over. It seems to be two minutes of intro for a minute of song. I’m a bit confused.


Rusko ft. Amber Coffman

“Hold On”

First off, after “Stillness is the Move” it would be EXTREMELY difficult for me NOT to like anything that ever involved Amber Coffman. The pairing of these two artists is a unique blend and I think Rusko really maintains the practicality of a pop single by demonstrating how Coffman’s vocals can work within this context. The video was made from tour footage, so while it’s nothing terribly experimental, it’s nice to see Rusko in action.



“I Decorate”

I like how the video is stark and bare, reflecting the feeling described in the song. This is short and sweet, but memorable; poignant in a way that most artists spend an entire album’s worth of music attempting to create. In fact, I think the length also contributes to the song’s emotional weight, almost as if Yuna could not bear to stay in this memory any longer than she had to.


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