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  by slorocco.

Heavy Young Heathens have been featured on MTV’s The Jersey Shore. Ry Cuming is an Australian musical artist whose self-titled debut album is available now. Solillaquists Of Sound is an Orlando-based hip hop group who’s sophomore album No More Heroes was released last summer. The Framework released their album Before Tonight last summer and now have a video featuring Kristen Prout of Eclipse. Vinnie Paz runs his own label Enemy Soil and has just released his first solo album Season of the Assassin.

Heavy Young Heathens Ry Cuming Solillaquists of Sound The FrameworkVinnie Paz

Heavy Young Heathens

“Jackie Come Lately”

This video definitely starts off from an interesting perspective and it’s a nice revealing twist as to how the singer ended up in that position. I also like that the music is a complete contrast to the lyrics; blaring guitar over desperate pleas. There is a sort of sick, attractive desperation to this whole package.


Ry Cuming ft. Sara Bareilles

“Always Remember Me”

I think this song’s strength lies in its universal appeal. We can all identify with the feeling of falling in love or leaving love behind. The video seems to be a reflection down memory lane; a desire to return to happier times and live within those memories. The soft light gives the whole look a delightfully hazy quality, reflecting, again, that dreamy aspect. I thought it was very well done.


Solillaquists of Sound

“New Sheriff In Town”

I think the artists really wanted the video to reflect a vibrant energy and by focusing on large crowds and street dancers, they achieved this effect. Seeing everyone pumping their fists, focused on the lyrics and the beat, allows the viewer to be swept up into a similar feeling.


The Framework


At first glance I thought this would be a video about pining away for someone you feel is out of your reach. So it was a nice surprise to see that it was actually about love overcoming obstacles despite treacherous circumstances. Again, relying on the universal pull of love is a great way to draw the audience in towards the song.


Vinnie Paz ft. Shara Worden

“Keep Movin’ On”

These two artists are such an interesting match. I love the inclusion of Shara Worden here, her vocals are always fantastic. You can tell that this song and video were really made with the intention to not only express angst and regret, but to reach out to others and let them know they are not alone. Its genuineness shines through.


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