Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

Danielle Barbe’s single “Ghost Town” has been featured on CBS’s Ghost Whisperer. She now brings it to mtvU’s Freshmen. J. Pinder is a Seattle-based emcee whose made quite a name for himself in the hip-hop world. Jukebox the Ghost’s new album Everything Under the Sun is available now. The Kid Daytona is a rapper from the Bronx. Witt McKay and Grant Vogel are the duo Memphis High.

Danielle Barbe J. Pinder Jukebox The Great Memphis HighThe Kid Daytona

Danielle Barbe

“Ghost Town”

The hazy lighting on the set gives the video a real ethereal, “ghostly” feel and I like that its simplicity allowed this lovely lady’s voice to be the showcase.


J. Pinder

“Up Side Down”

The steady bass line and the gritty setting ground this artist’s questioning chorus.


Jukebox The Ghost


A fun, quirky ride that perfectly encapsulates the meaning of multi-media.


Memphis High

“Criminal Love”

Upon seeing the title, you might anticipate lyrics that reference wrong-doing and unrequited love. So you will be pleasantly surprised when you discover this sweet and sunny love song.


The Kid Daytona

“On The Hill”

The soothing scenery is an interesting juxtaposition set against the aggressive lyrics, but overall the song retains a laid-back vibe.


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