Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by mtvU.

Mexican-American rap duo Big Quarters hails from Minnesota, the land of dope hip hop (P.O.S., Rhymesayers anyone?), and we have their new video for “Good Look” for your consideration. Chicago-born producer and rapper brandUn DeShay has produced tracks for the likes of Curren$y, Dom Kennedy and more. This week we have his video for “Why You Gotta Zodiac Like That.” Not to be outdone NYC hip hop artist Lagato Shine brings us his new video for “You’re Wrong.” We’re not all hip hop this week though. NYC indie band Hooray For Earth has drawn favorable comparisons to indie giants MGMT and Passion Pit and have been lauded in the blogosphere. Watch their clip for “True Loves” and judge for yourself. While he is mainly known as a professional dancer on Dancing With The Stars, Mark Ballas has been making making music as well as dancing to it from a young age and here’s his video for “Hotwire.” Thats it for this round. Tell us who we should add into rotation.

Just a reminder that voting on The Freshmen this summer is bi-weekly. So voting for this round will end at 1:59 PM EST on Friday June 17th.

Big Quarters BrandUn DeShay Hooray For Earth Lagato ShineMark Ballas

Big Quarters

“Good Look”


BrandUn DeShay

“Why You Got To Zodiac Like That”


Hooray For Earth

“True Loves”


Lagato Shine

“You’re Wrong”


Mark Ballas

“Hot Wire”


Who will it be this week? Vote and tell us in the comments section below.