Pick This Weeks Best Freshmen Video

  by mtvU.

Rise and shine. It’s a new week with 5 new videos fighting for your vote and a spot on-air. New Jersey based hip house rapper Chad B. presents his new video for “Hit It.” Fatty Soprano, sometimes referred to as “The White Russian” (gotta love that,) is a hip hop artist currently residing in Montreal who brings his new video for “Homeless.” Post-rocking out of Philly, June Divided presents “Bullet” off of their debut EP The Other Side Of You. UK indie rock band One Night Only present their video for “Can You Feel It,” you can check out their new self-titled album on iTunes. Last but definitely not least, after being shot in 07, hip hop artist Wispers presents “No Love,” the 2nd single off of his upcoming Aint No Plan B EP.

Chad B Fatty Soprano 
June Divided One Night OnlyWispers

Chad B. ft. Lumidee & Chase Manhattan

“Hit It”


Fatty Soprano



June Divided



One Night Only

“Can You Feel It”



“No Love”


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