Pick This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

A former member of Natural Elements, Anthony Cruz aka A-Butta has released his latest solo work Vaudeville Spit. 6 rappers and 3 in house producers, hip hop group Da Kennel hails from Akron, Ohio. Hey Rosetta! released their album Seeds just last month. Kopek, an Irish rock n’roll trio, are currently on tour to promote their album White Collar Lies. You can pre-order Plug In Stereo’s debut album Nothing to Something now.

Anthony Cruz Da Kennel Hey Rosetta! KopekPlug In Stereo

Anthony Cruz aka A-Butta

“Thank You”

This song is intended as a homage to his fans and supporters, so it’s only fitting that A-Butta would film it on the streets of his hometown: New York City.


Da Kennel ft. Travis Porter

“Dats What I Do”

This large group brings a great deal of energy to their video as they revel in a life of exuberance.


Hey Rosetta!

“Yer Spring”

A sweet video that reminds you to look for a wonderful spark of life in ordinary moments.



“Cocaine Chest Pains”

This group filmed in very open spaces to highlight their expansive sound and juxtapose their lyrics of closeted love and addiction.


Plug In Stereo

“Oh Darling”

I think this video highlights the whole process of creating a love song: from sitting alone in your apartment writing lyrics, to meeting, to telling your friends about your newfound interest, to spending all your time thinking about that particular person.


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