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  by slorocco.

With an extensive discography under their belts, the Disco Biscuits are back with the Widgets EP and a new full-length album due next year. Kam Moye, also known as Supastition, released album Splitting Image this past fall. Nneka, a singer from Warri, Nigeria, will be releasing her new album Concrete Jungle in February of 2010. Oh No Ono is a quintet from Aalborg, Denmark who are finishing up work on their second LP Eggs. Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová are famous for their performance in the musical Once and now perform together as The Swell Season. They released new album Strict Joy this year.

Disco Biscuits Kam Moye NNeka Oh No OnoThe Swell Season

Disco Biscuits

“You and I”

The first of two sexually-charged videos we have on the Freshmen this week. (Happy Holidays!) This video was slightly disjointed to me. I wish they had simply stuck with the storyline rather than trying to incorporate muddled images of the band into the mix, but I really like the synth-driven fuzzy edge of the music. It blends everything together in this wonderful mess.


Kam Moye

“Let’s Be Honest”

I like how this song essentially wrestles with the definition of success. Is what you have good enough for you? How does it compare? And most of all, how does the artist’s idea of success fit in with the often over-hyped image of what hip-hop success is suppose to be. The video, overall, is quite heartfelt. The interaction is very sweet and there is no need for it to be fancier.



“The Uncomfortable Truth”

I love this woman’s voice. It has depth and a wonderful rough edge to it that is really interesting to listen to. However, I would like to see her step up and express these emotions in a more unique way. I fear this runs the risk of getting lost in a sea of “make a change” tracks. I totally believe she has the ability to push a bit harder.


Oh No Ono


The delicate music juxtaposed against the darker sexual tones of the video is quite lovely. I like how the images in this video are really playing with the idea that children understand more than we typically give them credit for, and they can absorb these observations in profound ways. The whole package was captivating, if not a bit disturbing.


The Swell Season

“Low Rising”

Without a doubt it’s hard not to write this couple’s story into their work. They met while working on the musical Once and became a couple. They have since ended their romantic relationship. Here we see them being followed by rain clouds and I can’t help but think it’s about them personally and yet I can still relate it to my own experiences. At the end of the day, it’s a solid song. Simplistic and strong.


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