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  by slorocco.

Fake Problems is back with their sophomore release It’s Great To Be Alive. The Jacka is a West Coast rap artist who runs his own label, The Artist Records, and has released his fourth solo album Tear Gas. Hand-picked by Urban Outfitters, Loomis & the Lust’s EP Nagasha was produced by Brandon Mason. The Phenomenal Handclap Band will overwhelm you with their 8-person presence. With a last minute replacement on the bass, 1997 completed their third studio album Notes from Underground.

Fake Problems The Jacka  Loomis & the Lust The Phenomenal Handclap Band1997

Fake Problems

“Diamond Rings”

The whole look beginning of this video has a very 80s to me with the bright neon colors and the blank stares. But it quickly dissolves into a quirky little montage of skeleton dancing. It’s an interesting concept and a good way to make close-ups of the band transcend the usual blandness. Particularly enjoyed the drummer. Throw some pirates in there for fun. Why not?


The Jacka featuring Andre Nickatina

“Glamorous Lifestyle”

As soon as I saw the name of this song, I figured I would be in for a completely over-the-top video. Guess what? It’s only slightly over the top. It actually features a lot of normal down-to-earth backyard BBQs and such. Bonus points if you can tell me where to buy those tee-shirts though.


Loomis & the Lust

“Bright Red Chords”

A short and sweet little ditty. Video is so sweet it’s giving me a toothache. (Might be a touch too much.) Does anyone else get that insane urge to plan a cross country road trip whenever they see one of those old VW vans? No? Just me, eh?


The Phenomenal Handclap Band

“15 to 20”

This band is like the Brady Brunch. My word. I suppose I’m feeling a little let-down as I had certain expectations going in. Usually when there are that many members to a group, there’s a greater variety of sound and I didn’t find enough for my liking. It’s a really solid pop song though.



“A Fearless Heart”

The old abandoned houses remind me of Great Expectations; the hollow empty feeling of lost dreams. This is an interesting song, as the chorus almost seems misplaced. It doesn’t fit as seamlessly as it should in a pop song. But it is delicate and melodic.


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