Vote For This Week’s Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

Abandon Kansas is an indie quartet fronted by Jeremy Spring, whose EP We’re All Going Somewhere is available now. Already working with renown hip hops stars such as Talib Kweli, Ontario native Shaun Boothe has acquired all the reputation that a young superstar needs. Fresh Espresso is the combined force of Rik Rude and P Smoov, who debuted their album Glamour last year. Miles Kurosky’s new album A Desert of Shallow Effects was released earlier this month. The quartet We Shoot the Moon released their album A Silver Lining last fall.

Abandon Kansas Shaun Boothe Fresh Espresso Miles KuroskyWe Shot The Moon

Abandon Kansas

“Close Your Eyes”

I felt like this song was very much in the vein of bands like The Fray or Life House. I wanted the video to stand out and differentiate the group a bit, but did not find that it was able to do so. The song is pleasant and the way they worked with the light in the video is beautiful, but overall I was left wanting something more unique.


Shaun Boothe

“Poor Boy”

I think when anyone samples Queen on their track, they are sending a very direct message that they’re not playing around. (Not just Queen, but “Bohemian Rhapsody” at that.) I have to admire Boothe’s swagger and bravado, because not anyone could pull this off and yet… he does. By going so over the top, he makes himself stand out. He separates himself from the pack and has the confidence to make us pay attention. (3-D might be a BIT much though. Stay away from the gimmicks Shaun.)


Fresh Espresso

“Big or Small”

I like these boys, despite the fact that I am a bit on the fence about their attitude towards women. (I’m raising my eyebrows at you two. Stay in line.) Their sense of style and flair is confident without resorting to intensely dramatic lyrics. Their whole look mirrors the song and beat; it is cool and laid-back. I think they could have stepped up the video concept a bit, but the production is stellar.


Miles Kurosky

“Dog In The Burning Building”

Upfront, this is the Freshmen video I am pulling for this week. It’s adorable and clever and quirky. (It has a talking flame! And a singing audience of muppets!) The song itself is, in a word, wonderful. While it discussing rather disheartening topics, the melody remains so fast-paced that you’re not sure how to feel, much like the song’s subject. Very, very well done.


We Shot The Moon

“The Brightside”

The first thing I noticed about this song, other than its catchiness, is the fact that it’s rather short. Under three minutes in fact. It feels a bit uninspired. It’s a very standard melody, with the typical lyrics and a video of the band playing without a story-line. I, personally, would have liked to see more effort because the group does have a charming appeal. I don’t want to see them rely on it to carry their music along.


Although it’s been a while since I’ve weighed in on my vote, like I said above, this week it goes to Miles Kurosky. Who will yours be? Tell us in the comments below.

Voting runs from 11 AM (EST) Monday until 2 PM (EST) on Friday.