Pick Your Favorite Freshmen 5 Video

  by slorocco.

Signed to Hopeless Records when they were still in high school, Anarbor is releasing debut LP The Words You Don’t Swallow fresh off the success of their 2009 EP Free Your Mind. A former mtvU Ahead of the Curve artist, the Atlanta-born rapper Bobby Ray Simmons is known by his stage name B.o.B Drawing upon the influence of great soul artists such as Barry White and Issac Hayes, Mayer Hawthorne is becoming well known for the feel of his throw-back retro sound. Formed over their mutual love of music and disdain for, ironically enough, the surf culture of their youth, the boys of Surfer Blood are currently riding a wave of much-deserved hype. The trio of youngsters that forms Two Door Cinema Club (they’re only 18 after all) hail from Northern Ireland. On the brink of deciding between university or a career in music, the two guitarists and their bassist made the industry plunge and naturally a record: Tourist History.

Annarbor B.O.B. Mayer Hawthorne Surfer BloodTwo Door Cinema Club


“The Brightest Green”

This is a particularly stand-out group of Freshmen artists and unfortunately, Anarbor didn’t quite stand-out to me. The song is catchy enough to win over plenty of fans and I am quite sure they will be able to rely on a loyal backing. But aside from the floating knife effect, not much jumped out at me. The band is pretty gosh darn cute though. Lead singer Slade (such a very lead-singerish name isn’t it?) has a little bit of a Billy Crudup thing going on.



“Put Me On”

I’m very impressed with Bobby Ray and the precise, clever intuition of his lyrics. While he’s discussing a common type amongst musicians, how to distinguish your sound from the rest of the pack, the similes and metaphors he’s throwing down are refreshingly unique. Also gotta love the visual 80s throw-back.


Mayer Hawthorne

“I Wish It Would Rain”

First thought upon viewing: JUST LIKE EEYORE! C’mon. Someone else saw that little rain cloud and thought of one of the best characters of all time. Right?! I can’t imagine that there is anyone out there who would be disappointed in this song. It pays tribute to wonderful influences and I’m pretty sure it seduces us all with its smooth beat and simplistic lyrics.


Surfer Blood


I cannot tell a lie. I have been enjoying Astro Coast for about the last month, so I am already a steadfast fan of Surfer Blood. I dig anthems and buzzy rocking guitar. And I also enjoy the pinhole camera-style in which part of this video was shot. I would actually have liked to see that the entire time. But honestly. You have to love musicians who are willing to get downright weird and full-on embarrass themselves in their videos. It’s the rules.


Two Door Cinema Club

“I Can Talk”

I love this seizure-inducing video. Again, this is an example of how a band can make an excellent visual accompaniment to their song without oodles of cash. All you need is a little creativity and a few tricks up your sleeve. Also, the track is extremely catchy and surprisingly sophisticated for a group of such youngsters. Not only am I really enjoying this, but I am very much looking forward to seeing what they produce in the future.


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