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  by slorocco.

AM Taxi will release their sophomore album We Don’t Stand a Chance this June, following it up with stints on the Warped Tour. A member of both Field Specialists and Scribbling Idiots, Cas Metah is also known for his solo work and many collaborations. Hailing from Canada, The Most Serene Republic released their third LP …And the Ever Expanding Universe in 2009. In 2009, A Place to Bury Strangers signed with Mute Records and released sophomore follow-up Exploding Head. A trio living in the musically blessed Brooklyn, the three members originally played in a band called Stealing From Bandits before coming together once more to form Voodoo Farm.

AM Taxi Cas metah Most Serene Republic A Place To Bury StrangersVoodoo Farm

AM Taxi

“The Mistake”

I would have liked a grander video for this song. Do you know what I mean? The band seems to want to aspire to the classic rock-and-roll sound, mellow stanzas combined with the blast of a loud chorus, but they never quite seem to reach the level they need to get to. It’s rare that I say “BE LOUDER” to a group, but that is in fact what I am saying. Be louder. Have more pizzazz. Get some bright lights and spark machines on that stage! We want the spectacle!


Cas metah

“This Can’t Be True”

I really liked the opening of this video, where it showed the artists sitting around and working on their lyrics, reading off the sheet. I think that’s an interesting perspective in which to view hip-hop. We’re not often allowed that view of this genre. I also liked how, even though the production quality is not the best, they used the light to their advantage in every shot and it ended up contributing to the grainy, raw feel of the video throughout.


The Most Serene Republic

“Heavens To Purgatory”

Right from the beginning, this video really knocked it out of the park for me. NOT ONLY is the color scheme absolutely fantastic, but the very clever tricks of eye make it a fun interesting watch. (Afternoon surrealism anyone?) I think this is really an excellent example of using a video to elevate the status of the song. I like the song, but with the accompanying video I enjoy it THAT MUCH more. Also the interaction between Adrian Jewett and Sean Woolven is quite adorable. Excellent job overall.


A Place To Bury Strangers

“Keep Slipping Away”

I love this video because there really are some qualities here that make me feel like I slipped right back into my 80s childhood. It really is a homage of sorts with the head on the TV and the jerky movement of the edits. These were classic moves for 80s videos. I also enjoyed the concept itself; the idea of being so sucked into artistic expression that one ignores reality. It was executed nicely.


Voodoo Farm

“Bangers & Cash”

I think what we really have to talk about here is McKenzie Eddy. Not only does she have a sultry voice but she’s pretty sexy no? I like how this has an easily danceable beat, but retains an echo-y indie quality. The group manages to mix genres and styles well, which isn’t an easy task. I wish the video had more of a concept to it, but the fact that it was filmed in Woodstock is pretty cool.


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