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  by slorocco.

A hip hop artist from Chicago, Add-2’s newest mixtape Tale of Two Cities Vol. 3 has been garnering more and more public attention. Already a VH1 “You Oughta Know” artist, Angel Taylor continues to make waves with her debut album Love Travels. Benny Cassette is a hip-hop artist based in Los Angeles. Disco Curtis is a quintet from Dallas who have toured with the likes of Boys Like Girls on the strength of their Play with Fire, Get Burned EP. Last summer, folk duo Vandaveer released sophomore album Divide & Conquer.

Add-2 Angel Taylor Benny Cassette Disco Curtis Vandaveer



I’m impressed. But sadly, this song falls back on the typical hip-hop cliche of rapping about money. Add-2 does have the forethought to poke fun at himself in the video though, so the song carries a humorous tone overall. It’s not the most original track, but it is fun to listen to and it shows major potential. The beat is ambitious. I, personally, would like to see more lyrics from the heart rather than listening about a girl who likes Louis Vuitton. He has skills and he should showcase them with more fitting topics.


Angel Taylor

“Like You Do”

This song is tooth-achingly sweet with a candied video to match. It is not my usual fare, but I understand that we just need a tune with a simple, pretty melody occasionally. We need something to sing along to, simply for the sake of singing along. I like how Taylor’s voice has a bit of a gruff undertone too. I think she could stretch her range even further and that would really add to the quality of the music.


Benny Cassette

“Bang Bang”

I understand that this song is attempting to mix genres and showcase different types of influences, but it falls short for me. It drags in places and never really seems to pick up. The video is interesting to watch, but it’s not really adding anything to the lyrics.


Disco Curtis


Based on the lyrics, “Ashley” should feel rather flattered, but this video does tarnish her image a bit. No? I know I’m supposed to be focused on the music, but I was rather distracted by the lead singer’s hair and how it kept falling perfectly into his eyes. (I joke, kids. I joke.) This song reminds me of being fourteen and desperately crushing on boys who I thought would never ever speak to me.



“A Mighty Leviathan Of Old”

I like this duo. Their voices compliment each other well. At the beginning of the video, I found the premise to be a bit too odd; the car collision with a clown and Rose Guerin’s glaringly bright, circus-inspired outfit. It was almost as if the video was trying to stand out for its strangeness, rather than the music itself. But by the end, it had really grown on me and I found it to be quite quaint. Especially the gentlemen running by with the clothes line and the whole old-fashioned feel it carries.


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