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  by slorocco.

Hip-hop trio Dem Southernfolkz hail from Dallas, Texas and have recently released a free EP, Something To Hold On To. Next month they will be supporting Jack’s Mannequin’s headline tour, but for now Fun has brought their single “All the Pretty Girls” from their debut LP Aim and Ignite to the Freshmen. John Reuben released his sixth album Sex, Drugs, and Self-Control last month, all recorded at his home studio in Ohio. A former teenage pop star in Norway, Marit Larsen‘s sophomore album The Chase is her introduction to the US music scene. Vanessa Brown, more popularly known as VV Brown, is a British recording artist whose first studio album Travelling Like A Light was released last summer.

Dem Southernfolkz Fun Marit Larsen John ReubenVV Brown

Dem Southernfolkz feat. Skinny Deville

“The Message”

*The backdrop of this song is very smooth and the way it manages to flow
around the lyrics is quite calming. I really like how this video strives to showcase where the artist is from and present strong, positive, realistic aspects of southern culture. It manages to be inspirational without losing its edge. Especially touching is the actual footage from Iraq sent by group member The B.E.N. while he was serving a tour.



“All The Pretty Girls”

When I listen to this song, I can’t help but feel as though it’s not quite sure what it wants to be. It’s not sure if it’s a modern pop song or an 80s movie soundtrack and I also hear a twang of country in there occasionally. I’m all for multiple influences and I even like when music defies genre. But occasionally too can many lead to a muddled product and I do feel that this is muddled. The chorus is catchy, but it needs more spark.


Marit Larsen

“If A Song Could Get Me You”

This is a bit of fluff and that is exactly why I like it. The song itself doesn’t try and pretend to be anything it’s not. It’s a light-hearted love poem and allows us to enjoy it by being just that. There is also something delicate and quirky about Larsen that is very endearing. You sort of want her to give you a hug in hopes that some of her confidence and enthusiasm will rub-off on you. Also beautiful use of color in the video.


John Reuben

“No Be Nah”

I like the beginning of the video were the artist is seated at the campfire surrounded by cut-out animals. The graphics are pretty interesting. The music is not to my taste, but I respect that others may really enjoy how it is attempting to expand aspects of certain genres. The message is respectful and positive and it is presented with a bit of humor… but, what can I say? Not my thing. The whole package is just a little too over the top, laying it on just a little too thick.


VV Brown

“Shark In The Water”

I think out of all the Freshmen artists this week, Brown most certainly has the strongest vocals and I love her 1950s throwback look in the video. Although I do like the song, I almost want to hear nothing but ballads from her. I’m sure this track was picked for its cheerful melody, but imagine how amazing her voice would be set to something slow and sultry with a blues rhythm? Whatever the case, she is very talented and has a good deal of potential.


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