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  by slorocco.

After releasing This Ain’t No Mixtape in 2009, Curren$y also put out Jet Files as a precursor to his follow-up album The Grand Scheme of Things due out this year. “Yesterday” was the first single off D.Black‘s album Ali’Yah released in September 2009. Fireworks, a Michigan based pop-punk band, brings their debut album All I Have to Offer is My Own Confusion to mtvU. Hadouken!‘s newest album For the Masses is set to be released on January 25th. Mike Kinsella has created five albums under the moniker Owen; the most recent LP New Leaves was released last fall.

Curren$y D. Black Fireworks Hadouken! Owen


“Under the Scope”

Short aside; I always love when music videos are shot in black and white. Now that that’s out of the way, I really enjoy Curren$y’s style. The whole tone of his voice is relaxed, as if complicated rhyme schemes were as easy as having a conversation, and the way he controls the flow is smooth, methodical, and relaxed. The video is nothing flashy but it was shot in some interesting locales and whoever did the lighting, kudos. Excellent job.


D. Black featuring Marissa


This song presents several very classic messages so I was happy to see it stick with a classic theme. I’m sure this situation can stand for many things: good vs. evil, positive vs. negative, perhaps even two sides of the same person duking it out. But overall, we’re being encouraged to see the light and we all need this reminder occasionally. We all lose sight of more upbeat outcomes from time to time. Here we’re being told to stay strong and that’s a good message to receive moving forward into a new year.




This is not really my favorite musical genre, and I think it’s important to note that I’m a little biased. It always seems a bit too frantic to me; a smidgen too fast. But I really do think there’s something to said for all that energy as well. It’s likely not easy to compose, sing, or perform songs of this nature and Fireworks pulls it off quite well with a video full of activity to match.




Well that costume has seen better days, eh? That’s one angry mouse. When the song first started, I wasn’t particularly sure I’d really be into this whole package. It’s too intense. When I was listening, I felt there wasn’t a moment to breathe. But when it hit the bridge around the halfway point, it worked to even out the tune. But the whole effect is still a bit seizure-inducing.



“Good Friends, Bad Habits”

This is, at its core, just a very chill laid-back song. It is not the release of emotion that most songs tend to be. Rather, it is a list of quiet observations, carefully noted. Therefore, I think the video really fits nicely as we, the viewers, find ourselves carefully observing this cast of characters, wondering what their bad habits are, and what stories they have. The crowd of people really holds your attention and I found myself liking all of them by the end.


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