Freshmen 5: Must-Hear Bands For Spring

  by slorocco.

Every season, mtvU highlights 5 up and coming artists who have captured our attention. Here are the 5 artists we will be ushering in the warm embrace of Spring with. Take a gander and pick your favorite.

Graffiti 6 Middle Class Rut Phantogram Theophilus LondonThe Vaccines


“Stare Into The Sun”

The pairing of music producer TommyD and singer/songwriter Jamie Scott, Graffiti6 plans to self-release a whole series of EPs over the course of this year. Inspired by vintage soul and hip-hop beats, the two ground their catchy singles in traditional pop hooks and melodies that will continue to run through your head long after the song has ended.


Middle Class Rut

“New Low”

West Coast duo Zack Lopez and Sean Stockholm formed Middle Class Rut after a previous band split in 2003. Now making waves with their full-length debut No Name No Color, these two are focused on new beginnings and a fresh way to entice their devoted fan base.



“When I’m Small”

Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel are the duo behind Phantogram. Influenced by the surroundings of their recording studio, Harmony Lodge, in Saratoga, NY, the group uses the rural backdrop as inspiration for their unique sound: a combination of electronica and pop that leaves the listener in a world of daydreams.


Theophilus London

“Flying Overseas”

Brooklyn-based rapper, songwriter, and producer Theophilus London just released his Lovers Holiday EP last month as a follow-up to his 2009 This Charming Mixtape. This internet-savvy artist is well known for a personal connection with his fans and he’s sure to capture your heart with his modern-day love tracks.


The Vaccines

“Wreckin Bar (Ra Ra Ra)”

Coming to you from across the pond, UK group The Vaccines drew massive attention for their performance on Live with Jools Holland and continue to collect fans in droves as they sweep the States. Set to release this month, the group’s debut album What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? is not one that you will want to miss.


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