Pick Your Favorite Fall Freshmen 5 Artist

  by slorocco.

Best Coast released their album Crazy For You in July. Bruno Mars debut album Doo-Wops and Hooligans will be released this Tuesday, October 5th. The Downtown Fiction are currently working on their debut album to follow the release of their EP Best I Never Had. Sky Ferreria’s latest single “Obsession” has been featured on the show Vampire Diaries. Wavves released their sophomore album King of the Beach this past summer.

Best Coast Bruno Mars The Downtown Fiction Sky FerreiraWavves

Best Coast

“When I’m With You”

This is one of the more upbeat songs on Crazy For You and the video does a great job of describing what Best Coast is really about; in a word, fun. This is not music that will ever take itself too seriously. I always thought that Snacks, Bethany’s much loved and discussed cat, made an appearance at the end. But if you compare this cat to the one on the album cover, that’s not Snacks after all. (Side note: Snacks has his own Twitter account.)


Bruno Mars

“Just The Way You Are”

I was a little confused at first. Why was this young lady listening to music on A WALKMAN?! Where was her iPod? That being said, I am glad it was a clever transition into a rather creative video to accompany a very sweet song. And damn. Does this boy have the most incredible smile OR WHAT?


The Downtown Fiction

“I Just Wanna Run”

Bunch of cuties, no? I think this video is really showing off Cameron Leahy skills as a leader. He plays right into the camera, coming off as both humorous and charming, and proves that the band has the type of showmanship to carry their debut album. There’s so much exuberance in this video. It would make an excellent work-out song. Right?!


Sky Ferreira


This is an incredibly catchy tune. But it’s also an interest take on our culture’s obsession with celebrity. Because it’s not just about liking the talent of the star in question. It’s also about wanting to absorb some of their personality and subsequently their fame; to feel appreciated and special ourselves. I think this song and video are very conscious of that and it’s refreshing to see from a singer who is so young.



“Post Acid”

Well hello there, fellow MTV alum John Norris. I happen to be a fan of Wavves and spent a good deal of time listening to King of the Beach this summer. I like “Post Acid” in particular because when Williams sings the line, “I’m just having fun,” it could mean that he is both just having fun playing music AND that he is having fun with us; playing around with his public perception. Anyway, the video is a perfect representation of the band’s personality. That is to say, silly and ridiculous in the same way the Best Coast video is. (Is this a good time to mention that Williams and Bethany Cosentino are a couple?)


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