Pick The Best Freshmen Video

  by slorocco.

Danish popstar Oh Land has been burning up the blogosphere. Two sisters, Elle and Shealeen Louise Puckett from Albuquerque, present their group Poema. Duo Mercy and Pete comprise the group Riot !n Paris. The boys hail straight from Brooklyn. Speaking of Brooklyn, hip-hop artist The Incomparable Shakespeare brings the lovely Adele to the Freshmen for a visit. Sarah Jaffe released her debut album Suburban Nature this year.

Oh Land Poema Riot In Paris Sarah JaffeThe Incomparable Shakespeare

Oh Land

“Son Of A Gun”

This lady has the strange combination of a powerful camera presence and delicate vocals. That’s not to imply that they lack in strength, but that they contain a touch of whimsy. The video puts her in several interesting settings, but she is always where your focus remains.



“2 AM”

A catchy tune that begs for a sing-along, with an equally adorable video to match.


Riot !n Paris

“Attack Of The 5ft Hipster”

Obviously living in NYC, you hear the term “hipster” thrown around quite a bit. It’s fun to see these guys go and back with the definition; toss it about and mold it to suit their needs. There’s plenty to watch in the video. It has a kinetic, risqué energy.


Sarah Jaffe


It’s great to have so many incredible ladies on the Freshmen this week and Sarah Jaffe is a particularly exceptional stand-out. She emotionally bares herself for the listener, never letting you escape the confrontation of her gaze.


The Incomparable Shakespeare ft. Adele


I don’t even need to tell you how strong this is, do I? These two are the perfect combination, each playing off the other’s strengths.


Who will it be this time? Vote and tell us in the comments section below. Voting for this round of The Freshmen will close Friday, December 3rd at 2PM EST.