Take A Stylish Top Gun-Inspired Ride In Still Corners ‘Fireflies’

  by Mark Tichy.

After their well-received 2011 debut Creatures of an Hour London band Still Corners successfully transitioned from psychedelic four piece to dreampop duo on their sophomore album Strange Pleasures. The groups sound is anchored by singer Tessa Murray’s soprano which alternately soars and floats over a cushion of billowing synth and subtle drum patterns to evoke a style all its own.

Fitting then that the group debuted their newest video for “Fireflies” over at Vogue where they mentioned that the track was inspired by 80s classic “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin – itself a worthy song to listen to any day.

The two songs do evoke a similar airy feeling but the videos could not be further apart. For what it lacks in vintage Tom Cruise action – the video for “Fireflies” more than makes up for in pure style. Directed by Christian Sorensen Hansen (who also directed the excellent “Berlin Lovers“) the clip is simple in concept and glorious in execution as it magically follows the pair, looking untouchably fashionable, through dips in glittering swimming pools and motorcycle rides in a cotton candy colored landscape not unlike the famous post-coital motorcycle rides in Top Gun.

Strange Pleasures is out now via the excellent label Sup Pop. You can grab it here.