Phantogram, Daughter & Daddy (aka James Franco)

  by Mark Tichy.

This is Required Listening our ongoing blog crush-a-thon wherein we laud praise and adoration upon the things that have been relentlessly streaming into our earholes, dilating our pupils and causing surges of fanboy/girl love bliss.

Phantogram’s Spaced Out Barn Sounds

Belying the fact they record in an upstate New York barn called Harmony Lodge, psych pop duo Phantogram is capable of producing some astronmic sounds resembling low frequency radio waves zipping around space. The crunchy, blippy, incredibly catchy intro to “Don’t Move” is a perfect example of this. Would love to sit in on on them creating this stuff and how does singer Sarah Barthel keep her hair so soft and shiny? Gorgeous.

London Trio Daughter

Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella are London folk trio Daughter. The group has managed to generate a lot of buzz in the relatively short time they have been recording and have signed with the excellent label 4ad, home of such audio delicacies as Atlas Sound, Tune-Yards, Iron & Wine and Grimes just to mention a few. Below is a performance of their song ‘Youth’ recorded live for Yours Truly and MTV Hive’sIn My Room‘ which in this case should be called ‘On My Boat’ as that is where this clip was shot and don’t let the tenderness of their sound fool you. Beneath their airy soundscape lay some weighty lyrics like “And if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones.”

James Franco’s ‘Daddy’

A lot of people love to hate James Franco for his endless creative forays into the experimental and his hoity-toity educational trists at Columbia and RISD but I say playing a major role in the awesomeness that was Freaks & Geeks gives Franco a lifetime get out of jail free card for any of his projects that might alienate his mainstream fans. That and the fact that his latest project, Daddy, a new band formed with Tim O’Keefe is making some great stuff like this video for “Can’t Say Goodbye” which is composed completely of Franco’s childhood home videos.

All for now. Stay tuned for more Required Listening.