Required Listening: P.O.S., Dusted & Melody’s Echo Chamber

  by Mark Tichy.

This is Required Listening our weekly blog crush-a-thon wherein we laud praise and adoration upon the things that have been relentlessly streaming into our earholes, dilating our pupils and causing surges of fanboy/girl love bliss. Here’s what we’re in love with this week.

Finding The Beauty In The Baseline With P.O.S.

Minnesota rapper P.O.S. aka Stefon Alexander just released his 5th studio album, the well-received We Don’t Even Live Here October 22nd then just a few days later announced he had to cancel his tour due to health issues that will require him to receive a kidney transplant. Such difficult news but the always inspirational P.O.S. has taken it in stride as is evident on this youtube video he tweeted as well as numerous interviews he’s given. As huge fans of Stef’s talent over the years like the excellent “Purexed” off of Never Better below or the time he played ‘Optimist’ with Solo cups at the 2009 Woodie Awards the dudes always helped us “find the beauty in the bass line” so to speak. So we just want to shout out our support and let everyone know they can head right here to help out if they’re so inclined and in the meantime you should totally jam out to this stuff right here:

Totally Dusted “(Into The) Atmosphere”

We just discovered Dusted (Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt with Leon Taheny on drums) on last week’s episode of The Freshmen and have been playing it over and over again. “(Into The) Atmosphere” creates a lulling soundscape that immerses you like a warm bath in a crescendo of jangling guitars & effects that ultimately leaves you wanting more. The video is sparse yet effective in it’s grainy romanticism. Love finding new music like this. Dusted is touring internationally right now in support of their new album Total Dust.

Climbing Into Melody’s Echo Chamber

Leave it to Facebook friends to introduce us to Melody’s Echo Chamber. This music successfully synthesizes so many delicious influences together like dream pop, psych rock, folk, synth & lounge it’s almost too much to digest. How France’s Melody Prochet was able to accomplish this alchemical sound is a mystery but apparently some production help from Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker had something to do with it. The video is equally engaging with tantalizing images of Melody fading into and out of abstracted landscapes of color and form. There’s also sparklers and bicycles gliding back and forth through time. You can grab Melody’s self-titled LP via Fat Possum here.

All for now. We’ll be back next week with more Required Listening.