Required Listening: Museum Mouth, Twerps And Crystal Seth

  by Mark Tichy.

This is Required Listening our weekly blog crush-a-thon wherein we laud praise and adoration upon the things that have been relentlessly streaming into our earholes, dilating our pupils and causing surges of fanboy/girl love bliss. Here’s what we’re in love with this week.

Who Wants To Kiss Museum Mouth

Here’s two quick things to know about Museum Mouth: One– Don’t say they are from South Carolina like I accidentally did when they won our weekly music video contest The Freshmen recently. Their fans will get ornery with you and quick. Two– These guys are fun. From the music itself to the videos they make to their interactions with fans they are the life of the party. Score the bands record Sexy But Not Happy right here. Watch the awesome video for the title track below and follow the gang on tumblr for the interesting-ness alone.

Now, may your weekend be just like this:

The Beautiful, Super Cool Little ‘Twerps’

From the land down under comes the delicious pop rocking sounds of The Twerps. They combine the raw energetic feel of 90s alt rock with a punky diy ethos that makes them very easy to like. Just check out the amazingly simple yet great video for ‘Through The Day’ below where all the band needs is one camera and a beige wall to make a dope music video. Well that and a hell of a catchy indie pop rock song.

Their self-titled album is out now via Underwater Peoples.

Crystal Seth Knows How To Treat A Lady

A lot of hip hop deservedly gets a bad rap over the objectifying and demeaning language and visuals often used to depict women (think Durroughs ‘Ice Cream Paint Job’ for example.) There is such a large quantity of bragadacious, bikini clad, booty dropping videos that sometimes hip hop residing on a higher level can get lost in the shuffle. Crystal Seth’s video for The Labyrynth is an example of rap with a more ambitious message accompanied by a video that is definitely sexy (these girls have moves) but features the beauty of women on what I can only call, a more respectable level.

So behold Seth and Bubba Sparx lay down some flow and addictive melody as two amazing women dance the way we all think we do when we’re drunk.

Finally, shout out to the College Radio stations who have been sending us awesome music daily on tumblr and right here on our site all semester for our show College Radio Countdown. A lot of stuff I have been digging lately has come from them including Twerps and Crystal Seth above.

All for now. We’ll be back next week with more Required Listening.