Phosphorescent Goes Urban Cowboy In ‘Ride On/ Right On’

  by Mark Tichy.

Veteran singer-songwriter Matthew Houck, aka Phosphorescent, might be based in Brooklyn now but that doesn’t mean he has lost contact with his southern Alabama roots. Houck goes full on urban cowboy in the new video for “Ride On/ Right On.” The boozy, languid track is built on a few exquisitely rendered elements: some catchy drum machine, a little bit of fuzzed out guitar and Houck’s lulling, periodically twangy, hootin’ & welping vocal delivery. Something about the combination of these simple elements with Houck’s free spirit leads to a pretty repeat-worthy track. The video is equally minimal in concept and maximal in effect needing only some dark urban cowboy action with just enough surprise sprinkled in to keep you engaged.

Phosphorescent’s new album Muchacho is out now on the excellent indie label Dead Oceans.