A Love Song For One Direction’s Niall Horan

  by Mark Tichy.

We’re big fans of NC punk trio Museum Mouth (having shouted them out a couple times) so we were psyched when MM main brain Karl Kuehn started a solo project called Ok McQueen and released a home-recorded punk-rap “love song” in tribute to One Direction pretty-boy Niall Horan. It’s a great song with awesome lyrics so we had to learn more.

OK McQueen

‘Cats are cute but life is cruel.’ – Karl Kuehn

Required Listening: OK McQueen “True Love (No Deniall)”

Can you tell us more about the song and do you really want to marry Niall Horan?
Mhmm one fateful night while I was having the worst allergy attack ever. Cats are cute but life is cruel. I had taken a crapload of benadryll but for whatever reason couldn’t sleep so I started watching 1D videos online (as I often do when I’m the slightest bit bored) and before I knew it the sun was up and I had penned my first ever rap song… if you can call it that? LOL and of course I really want to marry Niall Horan. Who doesn’t?

Given an unlimited budget what would a music video for “True Love (No Deniall)” look like?
Well… obviously I’d want Niall in it. And I really want to go whale watching in Alaska so maybe he and I could do that? Ya know spy on bald eagles too, see a bear or whatever else there is to do up there. I’m also really fond of snorkeling, so we could do that too but like in the Caribbean, maybe Barbados? Maybe Rihanna could make a cameo? It would pretty much just be us honeymooning and it would be so cute. I’d kiss him at least 100 times probably.

How’d you come up with name Ok McQueen and what are you up to next?
I store combinations of words that I like together as notes in my phone and I think OK McQueen was just one that stood out and seemed like a cool moniker. I mean Steve McQueen (rip) was a cool guy and Lee Alexander McQueen (rip) was a rad dude and I’m not comparing myself to either of them or anything but I’d like to think that I’m pretty okay. Currently I’m working on a mixtape or a full length or album whatever you wanna call it that I’ll probably release for free via Bandcamp in the upcoming months. I’ll let you know more as I get more completed but what I have done so far I’m super stoked on!!!

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You play drums and sing in Museum Mouth, how does Ok McQueen fit in with that project?
I do in fact, and I write like 80% of the tunes in MM and have recorded everything we’ve released at this point so obviously I like to stay busy when it comes to music. OK McQueen fits in perfectly alongside MM because it gives me something to work on and obsess over and it gives my bandmates a bit of a break. This way I’m not coming to them every week saying, “Oh yeah I wrote two new songs this week that I need you to come up with bass parts for” or anything like that. And it let’s me experiment some with production and drum loops, the sorts of things you don’t really get to d*** around with when you’re in a punk band.

What other pop stars are you crushing on?
Dear god, like everyone. I mean if I can’t have Niall I’d settle for Zayn or maybe Louis, but also Adam from Tigers Jaw, Chris Farren from Fake Problems, Jonny Pierce, Joe Jonas is p cute, also the bassist from Paramore? All those hunky half naked guys in that one Marina and the Diamonds video too. But I mean Adam Levine is like the holy grail of all men ever, right?

Photo Courtesy: Karl Kuehn

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