Our Favorite Things: The Red Sox, Röyksopp, iPhone radar detectors, and yet another Jack White band

  by slorocco.

Dead WeatherLindsay’s List

1. This week one of my favorite Red Sox players #58 Jonathan Papelbon stood by his remarks regarding Manny Ramirez. The interview was in Esquire Magazine and it’s a tad overdone but worth a read. (“Print this. I will never start a baseball game in my life, ever.” Classic. Love him.) So first off, congrats to Pap for not frickin’ editing everything that he says. Everyone is too damn PC these days. Second, he’s absolutely right. By the time Manny left, I was pushing him out the door myself. He seems to get along well with Joe Torre, my favorite bulldog/grumpy grandpa manager, so it was a good call all around. Leave Jonathan alone. In other news, Avery scored a goal last night in the Rangers win against Nashville so bonus. Congrats to Lundqvist who is the 1st goaltender in hockey history to win 30 games in each of his first four seasons.

2. Jack White has yet ANOTHER band called the Dead Weather. It’s fronted by the Kills’ lead singer Alison Mosshart and I think I kind of dig it. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings but I was always a fan of White’s multiple band angle and liked The Racounteurs as well. It’s funny to me how everyone seems to get all “oh well it’s not The White Stripes” cause uuuhhhh… isn’t that kind of the point? The guy is majorly talented and wants to branch out. Just let him do his thing. Geesh. (Although I never did understand that whole my sister is really my ex-wife scenario.) Jack’s behind the drum set on this one with Dean Farita from Queens of the Stone Age on guitar and Jack Lawrence also of The Racounteurs on bass. I am incredibly enthuastic about Mosshart’s vocals. This is how I would want to sound if I was a singer. Which I am without a doubt most certainly not.

3. This weekend it is my baby brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Matt!

Taylor’s List

1. This year’s Pitchfork Music Festival line-up. (So far Grizzly Bear, The National, Built to Spill, and Yo La Tengo have all been announced.)

2. The application Trapster on my iPhone, which is a GPS system that warns you when you come up on a known police trap. (Totally better than radar detector.)

3. The refreshing and highly enjoyable new album from indie pop darlings, Camera Obscura entitled “My Maudlin Career.”

Adrian’s List

1. Manchester Orchestra has released the first (“The Only One”) of eleven videos for each track off their upcoming full-length “Mean Everything to Nothing.” Each of these is going to be directed by Clay Lipsky and Jason Bognacki, the duo behind the phenomenal video for “I Can Barely Breathe.” Expect me to make a fuss about this as we get closer to the album’s release.

2. Mentioned this last week, but I’ll do it again. I just returned from what was possibly the greatest spring break (or vacation for that matter) of my life. I made it off the slopes with minimal injuries (right Lindsay?) considering I have not gone skiing since I was a wee lad, and had a fantastic time frolicking about the town of Vail, CO for a few days. [Ed.’s note: Let it be known that Adrian did not in fact injure himself on the slopes but scraped his face on the bottom of a swimming pool.]

3. Hooray, it’s my birthday today! According to Patton Oswalt, turning 22 is the fifth of many birthdays that won’t matter at all. And instead of you all giving me presents, just follow me on Twitter. You’re welcome. [Ed.’s note: Happy Birthday big guy!]

Zack’s list

1. The new Röyksopp video “Happy Up Here” dropped last Monday and it’s amazing. Thanks to Röyksopp for letting us know what it would look like if “Space Invaders” attacked our city, set to the coolest song, like, ever.

2. The NCAA tournament is just around the corner and conference tourneys are in full swing. While I root for my Wisconsin Badgers to get it going in the Big Ten Tournament, I agree with The Onion regarding an expanded field. Enjoy.

3. Lastly, my favorite rapper from Chocolate City, Wale, is set to drop his first single on his debut LP, along with some other fancy this week. Check out updates and whatnot on his new official website. Also, the man is twitterific, so hit him up there too. [Ed.’s note: Incidentally you can also follow Zack’s twitter here. Since he is lazy about plugging himself I GUESS I WILL HAVE TO DO IT FOR HIM.]

Happy weekend to all!