In the Studio With Surrogate

  by slorocco.

SurrogateSuper chilled-out duo Surrogate decided to give us a peek in on their progress as they track drums and discuss their follow-up to Love Is For the Rich. I, for one, am quite partial to Christopher Keene’s vocals as they remind me a little of Ben Bridwell. (“I Go to the Barn Because I Like” makes my song life-list. I love that ditty.) Also since leaving Number One Gun, Keene and drummer Jordan Mallory changed tactics and really stripped their sound for a more simplistic approach. I believe this was the reason they left their original group and sought out new projects in the first place. I seem to remember Keene in particular having issues with where Jeff Schneeweis was steering the band. But I digress.

I enjoyed their album when it came out a few years ago, but definitely am looking to see what will happen with this new one they’ve got cooking up. It’s encouraging that both Keene and Mallory take note of their sound’s evolution, which the music definitely called for. “Love Is For the Rich” wasn’t as fluid as I would have liked to see, which is not really as negative as it might sound. Simply put, I could sense that the new group was trying to find their footing back in 2007- the tracks jumped around a bit and didn’t always transition as well from one to the other, which was a bit at odds with Keene’s mellow voice. Having just left a group they played with for over five years, this was to be expected. But it’s also why I am excited to hear their new tracks and take a listen to how far they’ve come. Even the fact that they managed to stick it out and continue to play solid tunes is exceptionally noteworthy. Plus, they are multi-instrumental musicians which is always a huge check plus in my book.

Watch Keene and Mallory get goofy in the studio. Their new as-yet untitled LP will be released on Tooth & Nail Records later this Spring.