Our Favorite Things: Company of Thieves, Jeremy Enigk and FINALLY Copy-and-Paste on the iPhone

  by slorocco.

Company of Thieves

Company of Thieves

Lindsay’s List

1. I have to give a big shout-out to my super pro-social bud Jason for turning me onto to Company of Thieves and their insanely awesome Rushmore-inspired video for “Oscar Wilde.” I will make this very declarative statement: Might be the best video ever. Or at least one of them. Rushmore is going to go down in the movie-hall of fame as a classic flick and I have been obsessed with it FOR YEARS. It necessitated gigantic crushes on both Jason Schwartzman and Wes Anderson. Now I have a girl crush on lead singer Genevieve Schatz as well. How cute is she?! I want that outfit. And those glasses. And her stellar vocal-styling. I’m literally in love with her voice. I also like how the chorus is very distorted so you almost cannot understand she is singing, “We are all our own devils/And we make this world our hell.” Did you catch the Vinyl Preservation Society? LOLz. (Turns out Buzzworthy scooped me on this, but I think it needs more love anyways. So there.)

2. The Prez on Leno! Duh. Is that man one hell of a public speaker or is that man one hell of a public speaker? (Rhetorical question.) I mean, you knew this already but the fact that he just strolls onto The Tonight Show and cracks some jokes about his motorcade really demonstrates the fact that he grasps the importance of new media and how communication has changed drastically over the past decade. People want to see his personable side. I mean, gosh. He is just so darn likeable! And that is all the political speak you will get out of me, we keep in light ’round heres.

3. The crazy tricked-out bio-diesel bus that Green Owl drove down to Texas! While I am still so sad I could not be in Austin, I am hearing about tons of great music this week. Lists upon lists of bands people. Keep checking back in on Wednesdays for my “Stuff iLike” post and I’ll share. Smile. (Also duck tape prom? AMAZING!)

Taylor’s List

1. Jeremy Enigk (former lead singer of Sunny Day Real Estate) has a new single out called “Mind Idea”. I grew up idolizing Sunny Day so hearing Enigk’s voice brings me to wonderful place of blissful nostalgia. I would literally explode if a SDRE reunion was announced.

2. Cracked.com’s 5 Horrifying Tales of 911 Incompetence. This article is hilarious to me partly because my job involves taking phone calls all day. Unlike these operaters though, I haven’t ever suggested to a lady that someone shoot her overweight daughter.

3. New Pornographers “Use It” added to Rock Band DLC. Can’t wait to rock the drums on this song. You’ll have to send the wrecking crew after me!

Adrian’s List

1. Mastodon’s Crack the Skye is AMAZING. The prog-metal virtuosos are streaming their album on MySpace until the album drops in a few days.

2. This week me and fellow Apple nerds across the country found ourselves rejoicing over the most primitive of iPhone updates. Hooray for cut and paste?

3. That creeper from Austria who imprisoned his daughter in his basement for twenty-four freaking years has been sentenced to life in prison. I think that’s a fitting punishment.

Zack’s List

Um, right. So here’s the thing. We cannot locate Zack this week. He’s been studying abroad in Italy this semester so we’re sure he’s kicking around there somewheres. He’ll turn up. He’s probably fine. Or at least alive. Maybe. J/K! We’re pretty sure he’s in London for his Spring Break.