Ahead of the Curve: Day Two

  by slorocco.

The Knux

The Knux

Now that you’re familiar with Ahead of the Curve, you can’t tell me you’re not impressed right? (wink)

Let’s just hop right into the fray today and talk about The Knux. Ahead of the Curve introduced me to this hip-hop duo, brothers actually, but I was instantly attracted to the way they’re able to work the camera. I don’t often use this cliché, but you feel as if you’re there right? They know how to come out and play. Also the way the video’s shot from a lower angle creates the feel that you’re in the audience watching them perform. Here’s why I’ll continue to listen. There’s a careful balance being staged. Sure the lyrics are essentially frivolous, but they’re clever and insanely catchy. It’s done right. (They’re not to bad to look at either. Just sayin’)

Although I was initially disappointed that we didn’t get to see the entire quartet for the GlasVegas shoot, I quickly repositioned my stance based on the song choice. There’s no doubt “Daddy’s Gone” is an intensely intimate piece of work, so the fact that it’s the two cousins playing together sort of enhances that experience of family and closeness. Excellent decision to shoot in a tighter space, again reaffirming that sense that we’re being allowed a peek into a private moment. The simplicity of the video is what makes it most effective.

And now we come to the two bands both heavily influenced by romantic relationships: The Airborne Toxic Event and Passion Pit. Granted, it’s two sides of the same coin. Mikel Jollet used song-writing to overcome the pain of a breakup and Michael Angelakos created an EP as a tribute to his..

I’m still slightly on the fence about The Airborne Toxic Event I have to say. Despite their witty little name, I don’t find them to be the most original. But their infectious energy in this video is really winning me over. Now I kind of want to see them live and if I can be swayed to go see a band live, there’s something there worth exploring. Plus, I love violinists. Throw a violin in anything and it instantly becomes three times better. (I’m looking at you Anna Bullbrook.)

Angelakos’s quirky vibrato (soprano? Is there even a name for what he does yet?) is at full-tilt here, almost overwhelms me a little but hot damn I am just so infatuated with this group. “Chunk of Change” is still in constant rotation on the purple Nano and I am literally drooling, trying to get my hands on a copy of Manners. Plus, who else do you know who sounds like this?! They’re all equally interesting to watch (I can attest as I’ve seen them live) so good call with the circular motion that is going on in the video. I am sure there is some technical term for it, but I’m not in production. Whatever the case, thumbs up.

Alright kiddos. That’s our group for today. We’ve got more to dish out tomorrow so don’t forget to check back in. Or follow me on Twitter for updates.